ward404 is an independent digital design practice. Boasting a roster of heavyweight names in the corporate and entertainment industries, we have a diagnosis for every condition presented. We are committed to breathing new life into your projects.

Ranging from localised e-promotions to international digital campaigns, we work around the clock to meet the individuals needs, carving out interactive solutions with surgical precision.

Check yourself into ward404 and see what we can do for you.

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Jan 14 / The 2014m Dash!
With a warm air of deja vu we answer the batphone that connects us to regulars Redbull. The Online KPI Dashboards that accounted for large chunks of our 2012/2013 development require another facelift?! Having had time to ponder on specifics that 'facelift' actually meant a totally redesigned engine and visual front end - it also continues to move technology away from any flash reliance to full j-query animation techniques, making the Dashboard fully accessible from all devices.
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Dec 13 / It's a Bunny old Game...(groan)
Ears pricked up around the studio when 'Playboy' was first heard batted about. Temperatures dropped a little when the briefing spec'd an online tool to boost social-network audience levels, and the promotion was actually for Playboy fragrances :( Ever the consummate professionals, and with a thick dollop of geek we properly got off on the job in hand (ahem) and pulled off (crumbs!) a hugely successful facebook app for digi buddies Crush.
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Nov 13 / Under the Bridge
Over-excited may help describe our reaction when old friends FOX called us up to help promote their new detective show The Bridge. After much brainstorming we thought it would be cool to replicate the shows 'cross border' theme with a series of clue based narratives, tapping into Google Maps and Streetview to realise the online gameplay. Just one thing, we actually had to build this game, oh and obviously make it both solid, compelling....fully immersive., oh and....(gulp!)
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